“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world”

-Brene Brown


It is the coming together of new ideas; the cosmic effect of synergy. It is the daring colours, bold prints and intricate patterns. It is medicine, a self-indulgent form of healing. It is yourself against what the world dictates. It is the twirling of fingers and the light bulb above the head. It is art, it is words, it is power and wisdom. It is lights out at 3 am and remembering breakfast at 1 pm. It is the chasing of deadlines and the thrill in all moments. Creativity in its fullness will allow you to own yourself and embrace your own story. It will marvel at your courage as you put pen to paper, thread to needle, and art to whatever else you touch.

We recently let our creativity come out to play and we collaborated with Risuna Munkansi of Dzovo. From her we are learning new skills; experimenting with leather products.

This is the first item I made with leather. It is a plum coloured ladies wallet with a pink fabric lining detail. It is hand stitched and has a central rustic gold snap closure. More on leather products later on.

wallet1 wallet2

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Till next time…