The Brand

Marabou Essentials is a passion-fuelled brand of jewellery, art and accessories that connects the authenticity of traditional African aesthetics with a modern urban culture and an artistic flair. It is a special craft; think wearable art. It celebrates the freedom for individuality as well as the artistry in fashion. The accessories are inspired by the African aesthetic- the prominence of daring colours, the distinctiveness of bold prints and the inventiveness of intricate patterns. The designs are influenced by clean lines, bold shapes and elegant curves.

Marabou Essentials exists to cater to the need for individuals to feel confident and to be unflinching in their own uniqueness through the art they adorn themselves with. It is for this reason that we say be bold, be beautiful, be uniquely you.

We are all about self-love, self-care and self-expression. We remind you that you are loved, you are worthy and you deserve nice things!

Some work is created ready-made and some is created bespoke and tailored for individuals’ personal needs. Some ready-made accessories are purposely made exclusive so that there is only a few of the same kind; this ensures distinctiveness and a sense of individuality.

Literature collection


The earrings are named after books I’ve read and liked, books I’d still like to read, interesting characters in those books as well as authors who penned these books.

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