Are you in a festive mood yet? A lot of us are and the team at Marabou Essentials is excited about a few things (but more of that another day!)

Today, let me share something else with you.

When I first created Marabou Essentials, it was with a purpose of letting out my creativity and sharing it with the world through the accessories I craft. I aimed to inspire confidence and individuality through the love of art and the passion for craft. Some of my creations are readily made for the individuals who will adorn them and others are bespoke; created especially with one person in mind. Both ways are equally fulfilling as they require the same amount of passion for craft.

Sometimes someone will ask for something specific and other times they will ask us to work our magic. For example, we were asked to create a neckpiece recently and we went for something simple, elegant and still bold. The neckpiece featured the Seshweshwe fabric that the person chose. I enjoyed working on it from start to finish. The process included visualising the end product; what it would look like, what it would represent and what it would mean for the person who would wear it. Putting it down on paper gives a bit of direction to the product’s individual aesthetics- and the meticulous crafting- with its twists and turns and its attention to detail provides some form of rhythmic meditation and relaxation to the crafter.

This is not to say that everything always goes according to plan. When it doesn’t, the whole process starts again. It is however always therapeutic and it is always delightful when at the end everyone is happy with the work.

The neckpiece (which we have named The Makeba) was complemented by a matching box clutch bag in the same Seshweshwe fabric.

If you’d like your very own Makeba neckpiece in your favourite Seshweshwe print, simply contact us here or send a direct email to fentse(at) and we’ll of course craft it for you.

Till next time…

the makeba

the makeba