We recently procured three new fabrics from Burkina Faso; one has bright and colourful kente prints, another  has soft patterns with brown hues and the third is a fiery red one with yellow tones. My favourite was the kente print which also turned out to be a favourite for many.


Kente Prints                DSCN0183                DSCN0176

Through our social media Facebook page, we asked for everyone to tell us what they’d like us to make for them with the fabric. We had some interesting ideas come up. Most asked for headwraps, some wanted bags and others asked for neckpieces. My team and I went at it and these were the results:


DSCN0448              DSCN0478              DSCN0501


Channeling the Kente look with a statement neckpiece, headwrap and the Box Clutch Bag with a soft and dense velvety detail:

DSCN0535        DSCN0699

I also got a little inspired and decided to create something new that I’ve never made before. With the red material I made a double thick, full round neckpiece with a black detail and red side tussles.


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Till next post…