Fentse Mokale

Marabou Essentials is the brainchild of Fentse Mokale who was born and raised in Phokeng- a village in the North West province of South Africa. She trained as a Chemical Engineer and while still working in the engineering sector got inspired to create Marabou Essentials.

Fentse is the designer and lead creative within the brand. The whole idea of Marabou Essentials came from Fentse’s desire to make a mark in the world through the use of her creativity. Her accessories are individual pieces of art inspired by her travels, the connection with the people she meets as well as her belief that stories need to be told.  Her love of art and design, her belief in the importance of storytelling and her drive to make new, inspiring and adventurous designs come alive into elaborate creations that fuel what is now Marabou Essentials.

Fentse is also a passionate teacher and a lover of all things purposefully crafted. She runs creative workshops both locally and internationally and her students appreciate her calm and friendly teaching style that is rooted in fun and creativity.

Marabou Essentials works with different women in different communities to create the handmade items that our clients need. Training is provided to the women whenever there is a need and where the skill already exists, these women are given the opportunity to produce the item. This ensures that the client receives quality products at the correct time.

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