Oh man, I haven’t been around here in a while and I’m wondering if you’ll forgive me for that? I don’t have any excuses, none at all, but I’ll to try to win your mercy by letting you in on what’s been happening since my last communication.

Well, we started in January with our famous journals and diaries. We made them in A5 and A4 sizes in our signature style – daring colours, bold prints and intricate patterns. We had such a great response from everyone who saw them on social media. The plan was to only do them for a week or two but we found that even in March there were still orders trickling in. Here’s a few of them:






Some people went a little bit further and asked for customised books. It was a fun making them.






To me inspiration comes in a lot of different ways; one of them being  through the experiences I get from travelling and learning about others. In February we headed down to the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho in Maseru. There, we spent some time with local women who hand craft Basotho hats called Mekorotlo. We shared crafting skills, we shared stories and we shared lots of laughter together. It was a wonderful experience and a collection of precious memories!




Another one of my happiest moments happened in the beginning of March when we made a debut at Butter Jewellery, a store in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. There you’ll find a myriad of our new accessories to choose from. All new designs embracing colours, prints and patterns. Next time you’re around the neighbourhood, do pop in and have a look!






So the year has been great so far and I’m happy. Very happy about that! So happy that I’m offering to create something for you. A new neckpiece, a wrist piece, a head piece or earrings for you or your loved one. Something new, something I’ve never made before. Maybe I’ll even name it after you, now how’s that? Simply reply to this email and see me do my magic.
Also, I’m offering everyone 10% off of everything across the website for the next two weeks. Just send me an email and tell me what you’d like.

We are highly present on social media and we share a lot of our stories there as they happen. Please walk with us on this journey by liking our page on Facebook and following us on Instagram if you haven’t already. We’ll be glad to have you!

Until next time…