There have been promises of rain since yesterday but today I’m wearing my shortest of shorts, a bright coloured top with no sleeves and a new pair of sandals. I get giddy at any sight of blooming flowers and the smell of anything sweet. There’s ice cream next to me and there’s a general happiness in my being- all these, a sure sign that we are finally in the heart of spring, one of my favourite seasons of the year!

It is also Heritage Month, a time when many South Africans choose to celebrate, in different ways, their culture, heritage as well as their different traditions and customs- the 24th of this month being the day dedicated to this celebration.

We at Marabou Essentials have been doing some work in order to bring you some unique products that are dear to our hearts. This is as a celebration of our own unique culture within the organisation and it is a way in which we are creating our own traditions by finding new ways of doing things.


One of these new ways is done by harnessing the power of collaboration! We have partnered with some women in the community of Soshanguve in Pretoria and through our collaborative efforts, we wish to bring you and yours some new, limited stock products.


This is a four-way floppy clutch bag set– consisting of a bag, a matching Marabou Essentials statement neck piece and a pair of tassel drop earrings.

The clutch bag is two sided- it’s also a clutch-slash-sling bag that can be worn in the following different ways:

  1. Floppy clutch bag with a strip of print fabric
  2. All black floppy clutch bag
  3. Sling bag with a strip of print fabric
  4. All black sling clutch bag

Every bag comes with a detachable sling strap, a pair of tassel drop earrings and a matching neck piece!

The black side, worn with the tassel drop earrings goes well with a night look and can be dressed down by flipping the bag over, adding the sling strap and the neck piece for a laid back weekend look.
The set is also perfect for gifting and comes beautifully packaged for that purpose.

We are only making a limited number of each set, and I thought to let you know before I put it out to the world. The sets will be going for a special price of only R500 per set and you can place your order by clicking on the link:




Go get it, mate…haha!

Till next time…