Before we go far, let me reintroduce myself. I am Fentse Mokale, founder and Creative Nkalakatha behind the brand Marabou Essentials.

A lot of times I get to have one on one in-depth conversations with some of my valued clients, especially those that I get to meet when I create bespoke items for them. Many times I get asked questions about the business, about my pieces as well as about my personal life- some questions are expected (questions like where I got the idea to create a certain piece, or whether I studied design at school) and other questions are totally unexpected (I once got asked “why do you speak like that?”- I never knew I spoke differently from other people. This was a bit weird).

Because I’d like you to know a little more about me (even though this makes me very nervous), and because I hope to have a better connection with you, I came up with these fun facts that I think will let you in a little more into my world.

I know you’ll like the very last one when you get to it…


Okay, let’s start.


  1. I love travelling. It is one of the best ways I get to learn a little more about myself and a whole lot about the world around me. I like meeting new people who are different from me, I like experiencing new things- new smells, new tastes, new emotions, new ways of thinking and travelling affords me all of these. It fuels my creativity and it challenges me to become more. I believe that for me, creativity, art, books, people and travels are some of the best elements of a life well lived and all of these form a great part of the story in my accessories.


  1. People who are not used to it still tease me because of how I pronounce the letter “R” when I’m speaking my vernacular.



  1. When I was in high school I wanted to study something in the arts. One of my goals was to become an actress and a dancer but I became a Chemical Engineer instead. Haha, right? Yes, I studied Engineering at Wits and worked for a large petrochemical company for almost four years.



  1. I grew up extremely shy as a little child. Although I am much better than I was before, I still like keeping to myself and I greatly enjoy my own company. When I am around new people and in situations that call for me to be confident, enthusiastic and talkative- I fake it so much that I convince myself that I am those things and it usually works!


  1. My accessories are always a conversation starter. When I’m wearing a neckpiece for example- someone will always ask “wow, that looks great, where did you get it from?”


  1. I am a very patient person. I once waited three hours for a date that didn’t arrive, haha. Don’t laugh.


  1. I have always been interested in the arts ever since I can remember. In Grade 11, I entered an arts competition under three categories- poetry, singing and storytelling. I fell through in the semi-finals on the categories of poetry and singing but I was the overall winner for the whole province in the entire competition and I got a trophy for BEST ACTRESS for the character I portrayed in my storytelling category. It was about a woman who had found herself homeless when she went looking for opportunities in Jo’burg. The whole production had been done by me- the script writing, the music, props and costumes. It was one of my proudest moments.


  1. I am a very private person – even writing this, and the thought of putting it out there on the internet gives me little bursts of anxiety.


  1. I absolutely detest the sound of someone chewing/ slurping liquids/ popping gum – especially if they don’t realise that it’s annoying to me. I have to quickly get away or put earphones on or anything that would prevent me from committing grievous bodily harm to them right there and then.


  1. When I was in school, my parents provided me with all the necessities I needed but they downright refused to buy me anything else they felt I didn’t need. If I wanted anything else- like branded clothes and shoes I had to get them for myself. I put money away for more than a year and I finally bought my first cell phone with money I’d made from selling sweets and chips at school and selling ice pops at home. I had saved R800 and my cousin, who was working at the time gifted me with R200 (which I had to pay back). With this, I bought a brand new mint green Nokia 1100 with silver buttons- it was worth R1000 at the time.


  1. I love reading and writing. It is a form of escape.


  1. If you’d like, you can share a fun fact about yourself and I will give you 10% off from anything you’d like on the website in the month of October. I promise!