Here is a little feedback from the week that was…

The Decorex SA show is over and I have finally taken time to rest and come back to my best self again. This is just to let you know that it was awesome, everyone who came can attest to that! It was a new experience for us and even though we went home tired every single day we were exhibiting, the whole experience was fun and enlightening.

We launched the first appearance of our wall art (all inspired by our accessories) at Decorex and it was all very well received. I will let you know when all the pictures are available online so that you can have a look.

As this was our first appearance at Decorex SA, we got to learn a lot. Having met everyone, from like-minded artists and designers to people who adored our accessories and others who were more interested in the stories behind our art, the whole experience was made very interesting and worth all the work put into making it a reality.
The visitors who stopped by also made it worth the hard work that was put into it!

So all in all, the week was…incredible!

Till next time…