Do you believe in dreams? Do you believe that dreams can be taken, moulded, tuned and be conveyed through into your reality?
I mean dreams in the sense of aspirations and goals that one would like to achieve, dreams in the sense of musings or imaginations as well as the kind of dreams that you would get while asleep at night.

The red studded butterfly was a resident of my dreams for quite a while. There is a blurred line even to me regarding where the red studded butterfly truly came from. I don’t remember if it started off as a dream I had while sleeping, if it was triggered by something I had seen before – or whether it was just part of my imagination- which is constantly oozing with creative ideas. What I remember is that it lurked deeply and aimlessly within my subconscious mind until I found a way to let it out into the open. When I saw Yinka Shonibare’s art work called Butterfly Kid (Girl) at the FNB Joburg Art Fair several weeks ago, it triggered in me a newly found desire to free my own butterfly. I did that via a mini collection which I term The Things of Dreams.


The Things of Dreams seeks to interrogate the link between our subconscious minds and the things we do in order to transcend these from the intangible realm into that of reality.  What goals do you have that you’d like to achieve? What is that one thing you always catch yourself thinking about? What did you dream about last night? Do you believe these things are interlinked?
What deliberate steps would you have to take in order to transfer them into your reality? Depending in part on what they are- achievable or not- some may require a bit more thought that others.
But whatever they may be- if you really seek to make them come alive- may it truly happen for you.


You can find this mini collection at Andersen Ashby Studio, who- like us, produce one of a kind, hand crafted art. Theirs are unique hand painted, hand sculpted ceramics made from white earthenware clay. The studio is run by Darren and Eliisa Graney and it is a retail outlet in the most exclusive section of the premier shopping mall in South Africa. The studio is located in the Diamond Walk section of Sandton City which is also located in the richest square mile in Africa. It is next to some of the most sought after brands in the world and you can find it right opposite Sandton City hotel. Pieces from The Things of Dreams collection as well as select items from our Regal collection can be found standing proudly and sharing space with very beautiful and elegant ceramic art pieces. Purchases may be made directly from the studio.



Until next time (which is probably soon because I have more news to share…)

It’s Fentse.