(Sold Out) Red Studded Butterfly


A coming together of rope and fabric to form elaborate shapes, lines and curves awakens into this elegant butterfly shaped piece. Click here to follow the story

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The red studded butterfly was a resident
of my dreams for quite a while. There is a
blurred line even to me regarding where
the red studded butterfly truly came from. I
don’t remember if it started off as a dream
I had while sleeping, if it was triggered by
something I had seen before – or whether it
was just part of my imagination- which is
constantly oozing with creative ideas. What
I remember is that it lurked deeply and
aimlessly within my subconscious mind until I
found a way to let it out into the open.
When I saw Yinka Shonibare’s art work
called Butterfly Kid (Girl) at the FNB
Joburg Art Fair, it triggered in me a newly
found desire to free my own butterfly. I did
that via a mini collection which I term The
Things of Dreams.



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